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Male creative person Greg Wood has also produced work joint with Cunt-Art His exhibition of duct sculptures titled Cunts was shown atomic number 49 2008 and was retitled Cunts And Other Conversations In 2009 Taylors point was to reappropriate some the word cunt and the vagina itself request rhetorically Why is it that in our culture the most sickening and revolting thing is perceived to be a cunt Katherine Kizilos 2008 Posters publicizing the 2008 exhibition featuring the style in vauntingly block letters virgin sex download were distant from populace sites atomic number 49 Melbourne though Taylor defended the poster The phrase itself isnt offence It once was so much a noble word and its simply been turned around into the to the highest degree disdainful matter along this planet Clay Lucas and Stephen Moynihan 2008

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This is where I landed. I dig the topic thought, just it's all lab. Which doesn't read virgin sex download as "sexy game" to Maine. Trying to bridge over cold, calculating robot experiment with libidinous multiplication may be tricky for the demographic you English hawthorn want to tap.

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